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880 06:179 months ago

Of course the WH should have final say of what is published.

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Nitaur 8 months ago
lol LOL lol Oh, Honey lol cute :o)
Zulkigor 8 months ago
No nada ...smug > pumpkin ????
Moogurg 8 months ago
Darn... I was 100% certain I was spot on
Nigul 8 months ago
Not dodging. Calling BS when I see it.
Jugami 8 months ago
"Borrow and spend" Republicans.
Kazrazragore 8 months ago
Oh you've been reported.
Muzahn 8 months ago
Awwww you done gone and made me blush!
Shakarisar 8 months ago
Come on puppy,don't shitttt there,for f,,,, sake??
Vuzahn 7 months ago
Got a brain of your own?
Barn 7 months ago
Then it is a question for you not me.
Mazuk 7 months ago
That's it Mr.Joy. Give it to him!
Mirg 7 months ago
Jolly're entitled to the product of your imagination.
Gorg 7 months ago
Shaktirn 7 months ago
What kind of proof would you like?
Brakree 7 months ago
No one wins in trade wars,
Yozshum 6 months ago
They?ve fell for it hook, line, and sinker.
Shamuro 6 months ago
what did they let leak?
Gubei 6 months ago
it?s the Johnson Aendment.

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