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In Texas the bare minimum of SNAP is only $15 per month and isn't worth it if working. There's still a lot of fraud in the program.

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Ferisar 10 months ago
15 Years 8 months 1 day
Yozuru 9 months ago
Ooooh... is she available or hooked up?
Mole 9 months ago
Or as Scorpion would say "Get over here"
Samuzahn 9 months ago
Oh no, That's too bad.
Sazshura 9 months ago
IDK what happened and neither does Alex Jones.
Samumuro 9 months ago
Ok still if he is threatening then?????
Kakora 9 months ago
Thank you for your comprehensive reply.
Dalar 9 months ago
The rest simply choose to continue living in delusion.
Shakataur 9 months ago
Mom and dad said that to you?
Milmaran 9 months ago
I take it as no.
Nikokus 8 months ago
The first Mrs. Clyde.....

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