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282 07:1210 months ago

I wonder how many Facebook robots are programmed to pretend they are interested consumers and auto-clicking ads and/or surveys. Advertisers need to be aware of paying for fake "customers".

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Zulkigul 10 months ago
then i should have typed it better?
Tygotaur 10 months ago
Yet another septuagenarian in our government suffering from dementia.
Galkree 10 months ago
Its all about identity.
Mooguzahn 10 months ago
Cite the specific passage please on microbes.
Salkis 9 months ago
"i see no reason why i shouldn't"
Shalkree 9 months ago
Aaaaaaaah. Did Ivanka design that?! It's hideous!
Brajar 9 months ago
Scott reading people like books.
Mazutaxe 9 months ago
Everyone knows they prefer WHITE meat well toasted.
Gardahn 9 months ago
cuter when you get angry
Tojabei 9 months ago
I am pan. This is innate.
Nazilkree 8 months ago
Brilliant quote in there:
Dourisar 8 months ago
TY! Can always use friends on here!
Goltikasa 8 months ago
Just for my own clarification.....
JoJolrajas 8 months ago
Except they do pay taxes..
Mikagore 8 months ago
send one of them drinks my way!
Dozuru 7 months ago
Where does the author say life is nasty
Toshakar 7 months ago
It looks better if Congress does it.
Kazigrel 7 months ago
Perfect name for a Democrat:
Shakashicage 7 months ago
Hmmm...I WONDER why their stocks recently tanked...
Vuzshura 6 months ago
Or we may be-well, anything.
Kazrarg 6 months ago
Help me escape from here
Kak 6 months ago
I have no idea what that means, sorry
Kajisida 6 months ago
As long as it never comes back......
Zulugul 6 months ago
I missed the fact.
Tygoran 6 months ago
According to the OP, you don't exist.
Jukree 6 months ago
He/she thinks you're deportable. ;-)
Talkree 5 months ago
Any times a good time to party!
Jusida 5 months ago
Ben Levin........obsessed, Wynne too!
Dogis 5 months ago
This person is a troll
Zulull 5 months ago
Shall I tell you a joke?

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