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313 08:249 months ago

LOL. When I was working down at the jail, the sheriff took great pride in the fact he could feed prisoners for 65 cents a day. Frankly, I wish he spent a little more because the prisoners had gas so bad it was like working in a cheese locker.

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Akirisar 9 months ago
Good for you Susan :)
Maudal 9 months ago
So said the closed profile with the blank avatar...
Kagajar 9 months ago
Why am I not surprised you didn't actually answer?
Mausida 9 months ago
You disappoint me, Loki.
Teramar 9 months ago
or just a really really powerful alien race ;)
Shakaramar 9 months ago
After 1933 Germany stopped being a Protestant nation?
Gardakazahn 8 months ago
It isn't flimsy evidence I understand

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