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526 08:505 months ago

Academic knowledge does not exclude real life experience. But since you don't want to provide ANY facts, except your ungrounded claims, I don't see a point to continue this fruitless exchange.

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Gardakasa 5 months ago
There is my beautiful Hockey lucky charm!!
Nagrel 5 months ago
he had a wrist ban
Arak 4 months ago
If you object to the left's side
Kigakinos 4 months ago
Yes it does,it corrects your statement
Daigul 4 months ago
1. Have heaven and earth passed away?
Zulkibar 4 months ago
This pig left the Congo why?
Malagis 3 months ago
Your imaginary sky daddy goes back a long way.
Vutilar 3 months ago
You want to dispute anything it says?
Malagrel 3 months ago
Are you really this obtuse or just trolling?
Malazahn 3 months ago
So Jesus is just a fable then right?
Mekinos 3 months ago
That was yesterdays article.
Vokasa 2 months ago
Oh man you can always have this bacon
Shajas 2 months ago
It was a primary.
Kigarg 2 months ago
Babies can truly be adorable ;-)
Vikora 2 months ago
Still at it eh? How many conversions so far?
Kikora 1 month ago
What's sad about that?I'm happy.
Jurn 1 month ago
I'm late, but congratulations just the same!
Kaziran 1 month ago
You were attacking the wrong voter, my friend.
Tum 1 month ago
As if any of this were true.
Kagadal 3 weeks ago
Seems what is happening now by these guys.

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