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Give me a break snowflake I said loser as in the left lost, but you let him spew all the insults he wants. You insult trump supporters more than I call people names. It makes me think you wait for months for me to get upset call one name, then it?s a gotcha. You will not demoralize me, I?ve been called horrible names like [email protected], on this channel, where were you? Thank you for the double standard.

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Kilmaran 10 months ago
You disappoint me, Loki.
Kazrasida 10 months ago
This is a great question about numbers.
Sagrel 10 months ago
I actually tan well.
Yoran 10 months ago
These temporary passwords are randomly generated.
Voodoolkis 9 months ago
Look at it this way
Gugul 9 months ago
I have a question about the fires myself.
Vugal 9 months ago
And it's your opinion that he's worthy of worship.
Vudora 9 months ago
You are a getter who gets it.
Doulrajas 9 months ago
You show your I.Q.
Voodoohn 8 months ago
What is so demonic about harmless events?
Tedal 8 months ago
Yeah, I got that the first time.
Kagazilkree 8 months ago
welcome to my little friend science.
Dura 8 months ago
Nope, but is perfectly compatible with deranged monstrosity.
Tot 8 months ago
Because we know we are saved!
Mikatilar 8 months ago
The Gravy Train is coming to a halt.
Faukora 7 months ago
Live and let live.
Kajizragore 7 months ago
BN already had an NBC News article on this:
Shakam 7 months ago
The rock stars paid for the damage
Mezizilkree 6 months ago
Reagan was part of the problem.
Tojasar 6 months ago
If it isn't consciously decided, then it's innate.
Kazralar 6 months ago
You met her personally?
Voodoor 6 months ago
Its all about faith.
Zusida 5 months ago
I'm not asking how you know that.
Faegal 5 months ago
Which Christians goat humper?
Goltizshura 5 months ago
Non-responsive-and the reason is obvious.
Dubar 5 months ago
Classic none descript degree like philosophy.
Kazrazragore 5 months ago
LMFAO I just posted that one too above lol.

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