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Normally when funds are awarded, there are strings attached, aka conditions for usage.

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Mezishura 7 months ago
Oh well Ill do it in a few
Doran 7 months ago
Of course. It?s for Allah.
Kajirn 7 months ago
Why are we decieved
Zulkibar 7 months ago
Even more reason not to go....
Vozilkree 6 months ago
Again, all the pseudo religious nutter homophobes.
Tygorisar 6 months ago
But that's an old addage from
Tauk 6 months ago
Then he has nothing to complain about. Enjoy retirement.
Yohn 6 months ago
The Texas Pete to me is like drinking water-
Meztikazahn 6 months ago
Screw your sick idea that Dems are pro violence.
Aragal 6 months ago
I would say that yours is specious nonsense.
Nekora 5 months ago
thank the jews for the mess america has become
Shakakasa 5 months ago
Is it? OK! LOLOL!!!
Dogar 5 months ago
Somehow in our chats that came through. I
Groshicage 5 months ago
And why should I give a f$$k ?
Tajin 5 months ago
Goat rape is serious in Asia.
Akinok 5 months ago
"The Romans did it to the Christians".
Mezinos 5 months ago
Like father like son
Mikat 4 months ago
besides tired m super, hw are you
Jukora 4 months ago
Pic???....of you...not your dads weenie
Grotaxe 4 months ago
This sounds convincing too:
Teramar 4 months ago
Faith is believing what you know aint so.
Medal 3 months ago
The California Raisins are clearly Obama voters.
Vor 3 months ago
I know what I think

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