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// God ?the Fountainhead of Mercy? does not allow the followers of any religion to oppress His people //

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Malashakar 9 months ago
Your quoting my KJV! I think your confused
Tomuro 9 months ago
"its "power" is fleeting to near nothing"
Mikasho 9 months ago
Says the Bible thumper.
Murn 9 months ago
Why thank you. :)
Teramar 9 months ago
"Turn in your swords!....Only samurai need swords!"
Zulukasa 8 months ago
Well, it SHOULD be zero.
Salmaran 8 months ago
Picket the Media....arrive at local outlets...embarrass them as they
Mozuru 8 months ago
Any critics will be racist and/or sexist.
Kelkis 8 months ago
I'll accept your claim of ignorance.
Daim 8 months ago
Something we always suspected.
Jujora 8 months ago
Kalipornia ...current day confederate state.
Zolojar 8 months ago
Show us. Defend your assertion.
Nelar 7 months ago
Ya sure you do.
Zologor 7 months ago
Oh Geesh! Glad you survived!!
Dolmaran 7 months ago
forgot the link my bad.
Mezisida 7 months ago
Read those and the whole book
Yok 7 months ago
They would ban him after a while.
Mudal 7 months ago
'o' didn't do anything either, it seems.
Dolrajas 6 months ago
Yes. The Book of the Law.
Mikazahn 6 months ago
Yes, but one should have priorities.
Tok 6 months ago
I remember those days!
Gokinos 5 months ago
Hola Canucks... In the never-ending saga of my injuries...
Dilkree 5 months ago
The same "Hot Models" off of craigslist?
Gardadal 5 months ago
How sanctimonious, though I'm sure you think it's hilarious.

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