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979 18:475 months ago

Sorry no he is not back-he was posting on the religion website. I sent an email to premier and so did Joan.

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Mooguzilkree 5 months ago
Did she set your alarm clock?...Hee, hee!
Dobei 4 months ago
Free, CNN steals everything.
Nektilar 4 months ago
What are you claiming they lied about?
Goltikasa 4 months ago
Ooops! Apologies. The question still stands, though.
Mubei 4 months ago
Yes, indeed. You lost.
Mebar 4 months ago
that was a PC game right?
Mar 3 months ago
You love mostly all :)
Sak 3 months ago
You being asked sweet tonight ??????
Kazishakar 3 months ago
Well no, he actually misses all the attention.
Vular 3 months ago
No one is better to trust than mom
Mezilmaran 2 months ago
I will sue people, and have.
Dougis 2 months ago
She was sexual assaulted by a donut.
Kibar 2 months ago
calling for bans on AR15s while owning AR15s....?
Vokazahn 2 months ago
Die Hard, they wee the best.
Arashinos 2 months ago
I think he also did League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Dosida 2 months ago
Abraham never existed. Checkmate.
Sham 1 month ago
"The Romans did it to the Christians".
Grojin 1 month ago
Injustice 2, mobile and Xbox One.
Gorisar 1 month ago
Everything seems in order here.

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