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Not subscribing to the mindless anti-Liberal group hysteria of this channel is not "blind devotion". I simply have valid criticisms for the Liberals from time to time that do not begin and end with "because they are Liberal" like the majority of this channel flings about.

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Kazrakree 10 months ago
Are you talking about "god" experience or mental illness?
Akizshura 10 months ago
Good luck finding horny girls tho....yea...
Zolorg 10 months ago
You are correct, early Unitarians were
Gonos 9 months ago
First cause isn't evidence, that is lack of knowledge.
Kazisho 9 months ago
All left tard there so who cares?
Kat 9 months ago
Yeah it must be frustrating..
Shakajin 9 months ago
That is the "common sense" fallacy.
Terr 9 months ago
So numbers are not real?
Kajijora 9 months ago
No doubt that will be their argument.
Fegore 8 months ago
Sexuality is vastly different than math or history.
Tolmaran 8 months ago
Depends on what your church/mosque wants to accomplish, right?
Tojat 8 months ago
It?s also not disrespecting the flag :D
Daigami 8 months ago
ok, so you're calling me a liar. Goodbye.

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