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Well as you can see I don't look like any of them butbut t was really funny to see who they said I look like especially the Donald Glover one cause I can't even grow a mustache

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Zolozahn 9 months ago
It's the right generation of bus.
Meztilmaran 9 months ago
Prn through a Hospital, RN
Mihn 8 months ago
Exactly, that's what I thought.
Taura 8 months ago
Oh, com'on kneegro. lol
Turan 8 months ago
Okay. Thanks for the info.
Duhn 8 months ago
In other words, you can't.
Fautilar 7 months ago
Lol you?re so clever!!
Sagul 7 months ago
Well isn?t that special??
Kajit 7 months ago
Sorry, creationists don't do math OR logic.
Kigashakar 7 months ago
Really? Canada says hello.
Kigajas 7 months ago
He did not do his job.
Kishicage 7 months ago
Goodbye you rightist sucker.....Bwawawawawawawawawawa
Akigrel 7 months ago
I usually do my Ethel Merman impression upon waking.
Kajikora 7 months ago
You mean, as in:
Jujar 6 months ago
PAID for and peddled
Mazukazahn 6 months ago
Not in the sense of government.
Akinole 6 months ago
1. Where does it say He chose 'you'?

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