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They must have been mistaken when they taught me about condensation in grade six. I always thought cooler air made it rain or has that changed too?

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Kazrasho 6 months ago
And yet the Christian can't seek profits.
Sataur 6 months ago
That's because she is one of those people!
Salrajas 6 months ago
Christianity is built on:
Zusho 5 months ago
I think she's tasty looking myself
Batilar 5 months ago
Your not going to cry are u?
Brajas 5 months ago
51% of immigrants are on welfare.
Shaktira 5 months ago
Dodge what? The fact that I am calling nonsense.nonsense?
Vudomi 5 months ago
No evidence at all for your faith. Zero.
Fenrirr 4 months ago
What's that supposed to mean?
Gardar 4 months ago
And now you know why they cross otherwise.
Samugal 4 months ago
Better yet, go harass someone else with your bullshit.
Mozuru 3 months ago
Bye, no hard feelings :)!
Vudokazahn 3 months ago
try again in English please.
Moogunris 3 months ago
Hebrew 3:4 - 2nd law of thermodynamics
Kajigor 3 months ago
What a quaint idea.
Akisar 3 months ago
Word is Jim Brown is on the Trump payroll.
Kagagul 3 months ago
No no. I'm not ruthless
Samushura 2 months ago
Similarly on Gateway Pundit:
Voodoojin 2 months ago
But, he didn?t know!!!
Vihn 2 months ago
I agree. I just hadn't thought of that. Thanks.
Nagrel 2 months ago
I find it appalling.
Zulkimi 2 months ago
So your answer was, in order,
Maurg 2 months ago
No no, little trumpie-
Tojat 2 months ago
It is a limerick.
Maugar 1 month ago
You will have to ask him.
Zologul 1 month ago
Are you even human?

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