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196 18:5811 months ago

Oh yeah. I was thinking that right after I posted.

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Kazihn 11 months ago
Are those the only ones you are referring to?
Shalkis 11 months ago
OK I will. Give me some time
Dohn 11 months ago
You can't even enunciate my opinion!
Arashisida 10 months ago
Do we all get participation trophies?
Zuluhn 10 months ago
men are born spiritually dead'
Sacage 10 months ago
Two thumbs up. ????
Tojagar 10 months ago
Goltikasa 10 months ago
Romans 6:23 For the wages sin pays is death.
Zulkijinn 10 months ago
Smugness is a nice feeling ????????
Voodooramar 9 months ago
Nope - not with my eyes...
Fenrijinn 9 months ago
I put money down on Trump at
Gulmaran 9 months ago
Pro life is a religious belief?
Akim 9 months ago
It?s small compared to our GDP size
Zolokus 8 months ago
Have you heard LeBugger speak?
Goktilar 8 months ago
which would also be supernatural
Akinoramar 8 months ago
yes....this site is full fun place
Kajik 8 months ago
No. The employee is a muslim woman.
Vojar 8 months ago
so, most women? :P
Tarr 8 months ago
You must get tired hauling that big chip around.
Vigar 8 months ago
What has Lemon said that was Racist??
Natilar 7 months ago
Hope he was on some sort of watch list.
Brarg 7 months ago
Stop with your pathetic nagging.
Vilkis 7 months ago
Your actions here show otherwise.
Tojazshura 7 months ago
You never heard of indentured servitude? I doubt that.
Majind 7 months ago
Pfft. You need to borrow my glasses
Daill 6 months ago
Reject every thing Paul.
Akinokora 6 months ago
Yep they are barely on her
Fenridal 6 months ago
I couldn't agree more.
Tukasa 6 months ago
Shook me all night long AC/DC

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