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111 14:1810 months ago

Has Jughead found this out yet ......gotta demand an apology at least .......or maybe a few million .......

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Gojind 10 months ago
Next time I will give you different one then
Mishakar 10 months ago
YOu aren't a very close reader....
Vik 9 months ago
I thought I was.........
Arashakar 9 months ago
So gun control doesn?t work.
Shashicage 9 months ago
You're bit slow to follow here. You said .
Tebar 9 months ago
"tell" in that sentence is an assertion.
Samuhn 9 months ago
Ben Shapiro stated it perfectly a few months back:
Arashijinn 9 months ago
No, that's a strawman you're pushing.
Basida 9 months ago
Not pegged. That is why I asked questions.
Meztizahn 8 months ago
My celeb crush is my wife...
Shakarr 8 months ago
No i am not.
Dokazahn 8 months ago
Read the posts and find out.
Yozshugore 8 months ago
Write it. Don't be shy.
Kat 7 months ago
State-dictated indoctrination? What do you mean?
Maugrel 7 months ago
She is The First Lady...
Vilabar 7 months ago
Ain't no party, like a split party.
Tojagore 7 months ago
Don't tell Spencer that
Jusar 7 months ago
As opposed to "splitting up families for personal gratification"?
Yorisar 6 months ago
Not for the next 400 years, at least.
Vuzragore 6 months ago
Sorry BiBi none of your miniskirts in Dubai,ok?

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