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611 12:118 months ago

How many white people are still living in dirt floor, thatched huts...........??

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Kicage 8 months ago
He makes Perfect sense to me.
Dikree 8 months ago
Gotta love unsourced anecdotes.
Vudokora 8 months ago
Caipirinahs. ?? Long Island Ice tea
Vudom 8 months ago
Better ratio than last weekend, 4/40 was pretty dismal.
Akirg 8 months ago
Whoops, that's something entirely different
Kedal 7 months ago
Says the liberal who believes everything CNN spews.
Kigarr 7 months ago
yeah, even a loving person
Goltizilkree 7 months ago
Oh shut up you pillock
Shaktigis 7 months ago
Brooke Adams has a world class @$$
Ferg 7 months ago
Anything about your life
Faebar 6 months ago
Why would a Democrat have to condemn Antifa?
Negar 6 months ago
Dems destroy whatever they touch
Vukus 6 months ago
Good times good times :)
Mak 6 months ago
What an abject p.o.s.
Shagar 6 months ago
Thanks for playing Val
Arashizilkree 6 months ago
It's kinda like a disease.
Mazugis 6 months ago
Only YOU could come up with that comment! Hilarious!

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