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It?s apparent by the comments most either did not read or were unable to comprehend what this is. Charging for damage they didn?t even do is what?s being changed. The state level compensation isn?t changing. Republicans care about the environment but in a logical, practical way. It is not virtuous to burden business beyond reason.

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Bashicage 10 months ago
Dude, God brigs up Job...
Mekus 10 months ago
That about 400 times is extremely vague.
Bralmaran 10 months ago
Truth is subjective, relative, and independent of fact.
Voodookasa 10 months ago
I see both sides guilty of this.
Moogugami 10 months ago
So she's a bit of a spaz. So?
Kigagrel 9 months ago
Of course I have evidence! The HOLY SPIRIT HIMSELF!
Fenrigis 9 months ago
What was going on back there?
Mazuzahn 9 months ago
You?re very welcome dear!!
Saran 9 months ago
Well, that latter is the Christian cause, actually.
Shaktiramar 9 months ago
Mod comment: Strike 2, move along
Nagore 8 months ago
Yeah. That's great. Any plan for weekend
Gozuru 8 months ago
Or a Soros paid terrorist.
Kagara 8 months ago
Not a bit ;) go for it
Jurg 8 months ago
The upskirt was the hair she was talking about,
Tumuro 8 months ago
His hate speech is protected
Yozshugul 8 months ago
Haha ..the way to a womans heart ????

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