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"I have been providing citations, but yet to see one from you."

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Vishicage 10 months ago
Surprised he didn't blame Clinton
Kisida 10 months ago
Amen ?? and amen ??!
Gardataur 10 months ago
Is that the real hot stuff?
Digore 10 months ago
I?ve never looked at it like that. mmm.
Daijora 10 months ago
Did you say, ?Ice pick her now??
Vurr 9 months ago
What would you alter?
Tygoshakar 9 months ago
Me in the morning. ??
Male 9 months ago
They were Nazis, Walter?
Mazulkis 9 months ago
You know it !
Zolojas 8 months ago
Oh is that just a rumor I heard? Lol
Kagagar 8 months ago
Here's what I meant:
Dunris 8 months ago
Oh! Thank you :)
Brajinn 8 months ago
You run from yourself every day joey.
Dajin 8 months ago
I lost my way again
Marg 7 months ago
It requires no evidence!
Gurn 7 months ago
Good. Now Germany can pay for it.
Ararn 7 months ago
Not gonna happen xD
Douktilar 7 months ago
Pot calling the kettle black...Priceless.
Doktilar 6 months ago
That's like saying you have successfully raised your one-year-old.
Mokora 6 months ago
How? I don't apologize for Trump.
Kazrat 6 months ago
Now Obumho has matching bookends.
Dushakar 6 months ago
You are correct. I got the acronym wrong.

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