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There has also been long standing problems in the military with chaplains who fight tooth and nail against their power being taken away from them, fought to stop the dissemination and giving of other religious texts to soldiers, such as the Satanic bible, the Quran, the Eddas and others.

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Daramar 10 months ago
I?ve never heard of this idiot. For obvious reasons.
Zololkree 9 months ago
Bet she hates Trump but admires Castro oh irony.
Megul 9 months ago
Well damn. its like my dream come true.
Tojahn 9 months ago
Go suck an egg?
Doushura 9 months ago
That won't hold up in the courts.
Kazijin 9 months ago
Your perception may not be reality.
Nir 9 months ago
Zuckerberg lost $16 billion in minutes today.
Tojamuro 8 months ago
You always have an interesting/unique opinion. Thanks for sharing.
Gardasida 8 months ago
This is an example of good conversation.
Doutilar 8 months ago
From the diaphragm... Prooooject it proudly... Ssssummmmm thinGggg
Meztitilar 8 months ago
it's certainly not a bad idea
Faudal 8 months ago
To the idea of abortion, yes. It's entirely irrelevant.
Yojin 7 months ago
Try clicking the grey bar?
Gazahn 7 months ago
Bias the reader for? Or against?
Araramar 7 months ago
Why yes! Yes, I am.
Shaktimuro 7 months ago
Ok. What holes did you find in their arguments?
Tejin 7 months ago
Mafia? What city belongs to a mafia? Really?
Nikoshura 7 months ago
I like butts too!
Shaktizahn 7 months ago
The poor fellow just wants peace! (Would
Kazit 7 months ago
By the way: your prejudice is silly.
Tojalrajas 7 months ago
I actually tan well.
Donos 7 months ago
By the way, Hello! ??
Mom 6 months ago
Not for these guys!
Nerr 6 months ago
Too tired for me to be funny
Doshura 6 months ago
Poor dam goats ----anyone inform tem
Shazragore 6 months ago
Should have *never* sold more than 49%.
Dilmaran 6 months ago
Run off defeated, eh!
Grojinn 6 months ago
hahahahaJa, for jag ar klok tjej LOl
Mole 5 months ago
The games we play. That I did not know.
Torn 5 months ago
Not in computer science they are used interchangeably.

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