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The MSM has elevated itself to be above the law in many cases..... they incite riots and anarchy, they freely slander and liable ?.. were never called out on it before Trump..... The time has come that they act with civility and professionalism and not just attack dogs for the demoRAT party.

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Kajigor 10 months ago
Persecution is what religion is all about.
Mezragore 9 months ago
Mod comment: Sorry can not allow this comment
Yozshunos 9 months ago
Indirectly are you saying that i am a joker???????????
Taunos 9 months ago
Wow, are you rocking a mullet now?
Jubar 9 months ago
IVF/surrogacy is not only unnatural, it damages his manhood.
Faugami 9 months ago
Such breathtaking mean spirited ignorance.
Mazujind 8 months ago
Haha you know it! I can't wait!
Shashakar 8 months ago
Lemmie have a splash of eye bleach first!
Mazushura 8 months ago
Supercute in wht sense?:P
Faedal 8 months ago
unless your a hebrew king ;)
Tukus 8 months ago
Stay with the argument, Baldy, try to keep up.
Dudal 7 months ago
Interesting discussion with a lot of comments
JoJozilkree 7 months ago
Do crows ALWAYS fly?

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