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There are some Christians, not all, that think being gay is a terrible sin and worse than others. But the fact in the bible is that we all have sin and come short of the glory of God. Jesus Christ said that all manner of sin can be forgiving. The fact that some Christians do not want to be friends to a gay person is silly. Jesus not only would have talked with gays but would have sat down and eat with them just as He did sat and eat with sinners during His time. But at the same time Jesus would point out to all what is a sin and we should not be doing none of it. He told the woman go and sin no more. But in God's sight we all have sin. But all manner of sin can be forgiving.

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Doktilar 10 months ago
Lollll oh Gul xD
Kigahn 10 months ago
LOL hangover, though I shouldn't laugh.
Nenos 10 months ago
How are you this morning beautiful?
Maujin 10 months ago
Blowing a cleaner Hobo.......????????
Zolomi 10 months ago
Can you restate in the form of a sentence?
Mesida 9 months ago
Let me answer by asking you a similar question.
Goltigar 9 months ago
Maybe we have a history.
Maukasa 9 months ago
Coming from you, that's rich.
Tojamuro 9 months ago
Agree completely and well said!
Dodal 9 months ago
I'm stuck in the city with the AC cranked.
Gromuro 8 months ago
See below. They've been provided, they're just invisible apparently.

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