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Perhaps in the minds of those with only a couple of neurons to rub together. The vast majority of people understand that censorship involves changing parts of a work and that parts of a work aren't the same thing as the whole of a work. Being banned isn't the same thing as being censored. Even then it was private corporations acting on private property and the state's guarantee of the freedom of speech does not extend to privately owned property, so even were it what you say it were ?and it isn't? it's all perfectly legal and appropriate within the constraints of the American public, who I am better suited to speak for than you.

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Gardagis 10 months ago
More like MS-13 Media!
Kigataxe 10 months ago
Which rod is yours ???
Zull 9 months ago
The stronger will prevail as it always has. Darwinism
Tenris 9 months ago
I can't work the modern version
Fenrit 9 months ago
What context are you using it in?
Salkis 9 months ago
Strange that you cannot explain your message.
Dougami 9 months ago
Sent them a "thank you" card anyway.
Tautaxe 9 months ago
Its all in the details.
Fenrikus 8 months ago
1 What do you think about the differences?
Dulmaran 8 months ago
hahahahaha so romantic .............LOl
Mazutaxe 8 months ago
Then you're blind to conservative violence.
Zulurn 8 months ago
No relevancy. Just the usual poop throwing.
Arazshura 7 months ago
I think it?s open-mindedness to new ideas.
Kigagami 7 months ago
Geez, his common sense just hurt, didn't it?
Kikus 7 months ago
Yeah, they are. Right from The bible.
Faektilar 7 months ago
Trump rode to victory in his Basket of Deplorables.
Nibei 7 months ago
"Trump has reversed that nonsense"
Voran 7 months ago
Everyone knows they prefer WHITE meat well toasted.
Shadal 7 months ago
Curious why you call Douggie Shaggy?
Nanos 6 months ago
I think we both know who flagged that comment.
Momuro 6 months ago
WOW yes continental food is also delicious
Morisar 6 months ago
Who specifically and how?
Vijind 6 months ago
It?s a great lesson.
Faujas 6 months ago
I always prefer Captain Morgan Rum myself
Dakora 5 months ago
why is this news?

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