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548 08:009 months ago

What if instead of relying on occasional, unreliable, spontaneous religious charity we simply had policies in place that would give every human being a living wage and the opportunity to contribute to society as best the can? You can than keep your Jesus in you pocket for personal use because it should be obvious after over 2000 years relying on him to motivate humans to do the right thing hasn't work all that well so far.

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Vora 9 months ago
Doesn't that depend on how tight the shorts are?
Sazragore 8 months ago
Find ..suggest....time to make a new google....seriously
JoJozil 8 months ago
Too bad you hate education.
Maukasa 8 months ago
Everything you just said is wrong.
Moogulmaran 8 months ago
What are wives for?
Kazigul 8 months ago
One can only hope....
Akinokree 8 months ago
Killing kids Ilford against God, by your own words.
Moogunris 8 months ago
Did they "cheat" when Obama was elected twice ?
Tokree 8 months ago
You like your b!tches doing other dudes?
Goltit 8 months ago
Going for some pizza and beer. Talk later!
Taular 7 months ago
Yep. But He upgraded Himself in the NT?
JoJorg 7 months ago
Oh I see now.
Mazurg 7 months ago
Dumb & Dumber XD
Vudosho 7 months ago
Well at least he's got Dish Network.
Zulujinn 7 months ago
Yes horrible dreams. Many contains past memories ??
Femuro 6 months ago
Trapping weasels is easy work... ;-)
Gahn 6 months ago
He's a perfect match for my father's daughter.
Kaganris 6 months ago
Red hat? Don't own one.
Tall 6 months ago
No, legally it works the same under the law.
Mezicage 6 months ago
Hard to read what doesn't exist.
Mozil 6 months ago
Dumb & Dumber XD
Kajigar 5 months ago
What? Do you have a built-in depth gauge?
Nikok 5 months ago
It's about hijacking the flag for his own ends
Dilrajas 5 months ago
If only that were possible.
Mikazilkree 5 months ago
It isn't designed as a signpost for your soul.
Taura 5 months ago
You failed to answer the question.
Kigabar 5 months ago
Some of the nicest legs I have ever seen
Aralar 4 months ago
You have no clue about the Bible.
Zuk 4 months ago
Bla, bla, bla! I'm jelly! ??

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