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First of all, what does my hair have to do with anything? Secondly, you've gone off track again. You said something about an elderly couple. What was that about? Now you are back to comparing Chicago to a war torn gang infested country where people have no where else to turn but another country for refuge. You CAN'T compare Chicago to countries like El Salvador or Honduras, etc. People do NOT need sanctuary from Chicago. They can move to other places in the United States. They do not have to move to another country to save their lives. Capisce?

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Kazrajar 10 months ago
Lol. Your threats have no meat.
Akinosho 10 months ago
My sensitivity has nothing to do with this.
Kejin 9 months ago
I've visualized your penis.
Kigasida 9 months ago
How clean is clean?
Goltilkree 9 months ago
How does he not?
Mazusida 9 months ago
I think you need a backrub.
Gozahn 8 months ago
Yep. They are simply opinions.
Tygomuro 8 months ago
"Selectivity of standing to Muslim fanatics... is upsetting."
Tygokazahn 8 months ago
Not a lot, actually.

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