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617 08:179 months ago

Yahweh is an infant deity compared to the ones that preceded him. How do the Christians, Jews, and Muslims know they have the correct deity? They have no evidence to support their claim. Good question.

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Fenrirg 8 months ago
From where you are sitting maybe
Doran 8 months ago
Yes. Totally amazing. The 3 R's are becoming insignificant.
Kajinris 8 months ago
Isn't a quest for knowledge a good thing???
Gugore 8 months ago
I like how you think. Upvote.
Mikabei 8 months ago
"Friends, is your child a marijuana-injecting hippie?
Nikok 8 months ago
No I do not see "it"
Malam 7 months ago
Poly needs a cracker "Bizzaro Trump" the hater!
Nebar 7 months ago
You have faulty reasoning.
Mesho 7 months ago
And so do you!??
Maramar 7 months ago
Peeps keep talking about the "President" getting involved...
Gozil 7 months ago
Thank you, safety first!!
Zulabar 7 months ago
Liberal thought is how we get our new inventions.
Kajirn 6 months ago
Fast break in 3...2...1
Mikarisar 6 months ago
I heard we wouldn't believe what they found.
Durg 6 months ago
USA here ! We got everything !!
Vudoll 5 months ago
Swanson is a loony.
Micage 5 months ago
Lol! Well that just brightened my day.
Dailkree 5 months ago
We dodged a bullet there.
Akinomuro 5 months ago
China is telling Trump...
Vilkis 5 months ago
Heehee. You're a pervert! ?
Tale 5 months ago
That new locale will also have government.
Vudojora 5 months ago
I miss upvoting her

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