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947 12:0110 months ago

And you're the one who can't find the period on your keyboard! ?

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Mezimi 10 months ago
I know but wiener is funnier.
Gazahn 10 months ago
Verily I say unto you:
Arakinos 9 months ago
It may be stupid for simple people.??
Meztikree 9 months ago
How stupid do you think I am?
Arashisho 9 months ago
And then I arrived to poke fun at everyone.
Gular 9 months ago
Lol. Good luck with all that.
Goltijora 9 months ago
I may need a therapist.
Zugrel 9 months ago
Time doesn?t exist in the land of make believe.
Yozshukora 8 months ago
Good riddance to bad rubbish.
Kigagis 8 months ago
Are you a simpleton or what?
Zolosida 8 months ago
ok i'm done with you
Fenrishicage 8 months ago
The word Holy on the cover.
Samular 8 months ago
I forgot about those guys.
Tygok 7 months ago
and prosecute the C-Suite under Sarbanes-Oxley too.
Nikokree 7 months ago
I am an agnostic atheist soooooo
Vudonos 7 months ago
We differ on so many
Fekinos 7 months ago
Don't you dare !
Dougar 7 months ago
Depends all on how you define 'omniscience'.
Kajikazahn 6 months ago
Why do you think she would know?
Zolot 6 months ago
I just did. Read them. They prove you wrong.
Kigall 6 months ago
Boom! But I'm sure HH will disagree with you.

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