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635 12:3610 months ago

telling lies and spreading rumors is not news !!! journalism is suppose to be fair and balanced ! not lie when you need to or want to for a cause !!! you have freedom to voice your opinion =like you just did ,but it works both ways !!! calling groups names is demoralizing !!! that's what the world has come to = no respect ,no morals no good faith , i'm afraid for this next generation = no common sense left in the world = (my opinion) take it with a grain of salt or tequila !

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Gam 10 months ago
That is truly great.
Akinogor 9 months ago
You sweet doll! SO SEXY!
Shaktigrel 9 months ago
Haven't seen.him for some time.
Zulkicage 9 months ago
Can we stop the 'both sides" nonsense?
Samuzil 9 months ago
Hardly relevant to my comment or point...
Mezim 9 months ago
I'm atheist, and far from young.
Akinonris 9 months ago
Yet, the majority of scholars disagrees with you.
Vushura 8 months ago
Just stating a fact.
Zolozahn 8 months ago
See my conversation with
Meran 8 months ago
And yet I have found Him, the One creator.
Mulmaran 8 months ago
Peace be with you.
Vucage 8 months ago
Immediate return too !
Duramar 8 months ago
Clearly it is and clearly he is .
Malahn 8 months ago
I?m a man, Bay-Bay! That?s her magic words
Vukinos 7 months ago
If you say so.
Totaxe 7 months ago
100% agreed on the terminology and the statement.
Vudonos 7 months ago
Hmmmm, it?s only trouble if you get caught. ;)
Faekree 7 months ago
You got one more than me, congrats bro.
Kagal 7 months ago
Father Son and Holy Ghost, the trinity
Gujar 7 months ago
Orderlies fear catching your rabies, fruit loop.
Zolot 7 months ago
Not many unbiased and independent ones.
Kagakasa 6 months ago
Did you read James Gospel?
Mazugis 6 months ago
Apparently, you don't need the archaeologist, either.
Goltilkis 6 months ago
No. That ruins it. It?s always obvious
Fenos 6 months ago
I don't know what for certain?
Zulkimuro 5 months ago
Brilliant! I'll click on you!??

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