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"That I merely suggested another interpretation of the context is a fact."

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Gogal 9 months ago
I already addressed this earlier:
Bat 9 months ago
And pray of course
Daikinos 9 months ago
Unlike the Democrat party, Republicans welcome all.
Nilabar 8 months ago
definitely never repeat lies, especially when caught in them.
Fenrilkree 8 months ago
Tell me about it :-)
Malami 8 months ago
Please do not contact me.
Nabei 8 months ago
goodness, i hope that is someone i know! hahaha
Tonos 8 months ago
Argument from ignorance, classic.
Gardazshura 8 months ago
Use to shoot guys like that.
Dougami 7 months ago
Couldn't be much more from the heart
Faular 7 months ago
Welp, racist Trump will always have Yeezy.
Tygoramar 7 months ago
Trump tweets support for congressman not on the ballot
Zulkisar 7 months ago
I was thinking the same thing about you.
Voodoogar 7 months ago
Your point is well taken!
Kinris 6 months ago
Hello Jay :) Dig your picture. ;)
Shakticage 6 months ago
Bill Bradley ring any bells???
Magami 6 months ago
3 less gutter rats

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