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But I want those just for myself,what's a man to do?

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Arashigrel 8 months ago
I'm. I'm not sure how to take this.
Nezragore 8 months ago
Agreed. Of course hard to predict the future.
Kimi 8 months ago
Here's a pic for the guys, sexy police woman
Tygozil 7 months ago
meaning. we are all Africans?
Sarn 7 months ago
Dokora 7 months ago
Keerist I can"t draw a circle
Mauzahn 7 months ago
You keep missing the point.
Kegar 7 months ago
I can see you are truly obsessed. Lol!
Kigalrajas 6 months ago
And what is that source?
Tehn 6 months ago
Ezekiel 3:17-21. You've been warned.
Tubar 6 months ago
I can't elaborate because I don't remember his name
Gujas 6 months ago
Is he rich? ;)
Tok 6 months ago
... or it was illegible.
Gall 5 months ago stupid 2 new heights
Kazrakazahn 5 months ago
Finding logical contradictions in religions isn't difficult.
JoJolabar 5 months ago
As if Obama was socialist and not capitalist.
Kekus 5 months ago
Nah, it was just a flesh wound.
Taugar 5 months ago
I'll leave that to Cool Story
Yojind 5 months ago
Who said trump was at fault?
Yorn 5 months ago
Third world people, with third world values.
Tygosida 5 months ago
Well I don't see them trying to help us.
Akiran 4 months ago
Natalie Gulbis? Spelling? Golfer
Mile 4 months ago
I struggle to understand this.
Nazshura 4 months ago
"He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches."
Faern 4 months ago
You asked specifically about the first male human.
Kinris 4 months ago
And yet same-sex marriage isn't mentioned as a sin.
Yozshugar 4 months ago
Doritos work for me.
Kazibar 3 months ago
Really? That's where you're going???
Goshicage 3 months ago
I gave ya a garbage bag,
Mutaur 3 months ago
OMG. You and your wife are obviously insane

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