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Feral cats should be kept indoors if kept as pets; whole neighborhoods of non-feral cats have been killed by the shedding of their disease. My mom adopted one, didn't tell me the cat was feral - and while babysitting her cat (with mine) for a week - her adorable kitty became nervous and started shedding... then recovered (because they have it in their systems at birth)... didn't know any of this. My cat was infected - and luckily healthy enough to survive, it was thousands of dollars and oxygen tents and needles and fluids and ...almost killed him

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Sanos 8 months ago
This deserves to be featured.
Kagaktilar 8 months ago
I'm addicted to happiness.
Akitaur 8 months ago
Mr President, is that you?
Moramar 8 months ago
That's all he knows is old fashion! hahah
Nern 8 months ago
Real live? Wtf is that mate?
Vikazahn 7 months ago
I think I prefer the botskis...they're better conversationalists. ??
Voodooramar 7 months ago
They speak of love then they hate on people.
Moogugore 7 months ago
Please expound on how He found you.
Dujind 7 months ago
How about non-human animals?
Zusida 6 months ago
Why shouldn't you address a man as a guy?
Tolabar 6 months ago
That'll be the day.
Taushicage 6 months ago
What's your personal answer to the topic question?
Daitaur 6 months ago
Ja, jag kanner mig ocksa stolt
Daibei 6 months ago
The responsible thing would be cutting spending I?d say.
Vuran 6 months ago
Don't look. I'm touching myself
Dolmaran 5 months ago
Which side calls everything "fake news" again?
Aralar 5 months ago
I know. I mean, who needs educashun?
Gugis 5 months ago
When you?re on your high horse or off?
Voodootaxe 5 months ago
Oh! Thank you :)
Dagul 5 months ago
Uhhhhhh best doctor EVER!
Goltishura 5 months ago
this is why i'm atheist
Shashakar 5 months ago
??????Ok, ok I'll leave you alone. Sorry!
Voodoojora 4 months ago
Why did your god kill innocent children?
Durr 4 months ago
Odd, the Catholic Church agrees with me.
Malajinn 4 months ago
I just lost something else
Kajinos 4 months ago
Oh my. Grand idea. Wish I?D thought of it.
Zunos 4 months ago
That is one thing yes.
Mezikinos 4 months ago
Here's my made-up hypothesis.

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