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If you think they are not controlling what happens to their body, then you've lost all sense of what words mean. I can't move forward.

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Kajihn 6 months ago
Yes, it is true.
Kajizahn 6 months ago
No declaration. Simple definition.
Nezilkree 5 months ago
Nice to meet you too.
Gami 5 months ago
Puberty does brain damage? Shit, that explains a lot...
Meztihn 5 months ago
One of my sisters loves Anime.
Dirn 5 months ago
do you think they will be efficient
Mojar 4 months ago
Mueller probably kept her best ones.
Akiramar 4 months ago
Atheism is the non belief in God.
Mashicage 4 months ago
Not gonna happen xD
Kigazahn 4 months ago
Stupid is what stupid
Voktilar 3 months ago
You are saying an instictual response cannot be detected?
Vudokora 3 months ago
Look at typical features
Mausida 3 months ago
1. Have heaven and earth passed away?
Maugami 3 months ago
May I use emojis?
Kak 3 months ago
HATED that character, but still laughed my butt off...
Moogushicage 3 months ago
I wonder how long the Dems will blame every
Kagashura 2 months ago
Excuse me? What are you talking about?
Zolozil 2 months ago
Lol...OK. I forgot where I was.
Kazigore 2 months ago
"Prove all things." -1 Thessalonians 5:21
Zulujar 2 months ago
A matter of opinion.
Doulabar 1 month ago
It's true Trump is stubborn but that's not strength.
Yozshukree 1 month ago
Don?t get them removed.
Tygoramar 1 month ago
You might like to read this
Vom 1 month ago
Is that what Sask. river pirates drink?
Dairamar 1 month ago
pretty sure they didn't say either way.
Vudomuro 1 month ago
I'm just wrong? About what exactly?
Shajas 1 month ago
Church history doesn't translate into Church teaching.
Bale 1 month ago
Invite the shooter back for another party.
Tojora 1 month ago
You are a sorry excuse for a human being.

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