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You can only show yourself and you eventually will when you die.

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Akill 6 months ago
Of course animals can have religion. Humans are animals.
Migal 6 months ago
I suppose you?ve never heard of an hypothesis.
Kirg 6 months ago
You mean because of Alex Jones?
Daigul 6 months ago
Dirty little bugger wonder what he is thinking....
Bashura 5 months ago
Not intended to be.
Dosida 5 months ago
Oh? Actually, it's the necktie.
Golar 5 months ago
Mom and dad said that to you?
Kagalkree 5 months ago
As Ray said below. But, why?
Mumi 5 months ago
The Catholic Church isn't
Fezuru 4 months ago
I don't exactly follow the analogy?
Kagarn 4 months ago
Lol at the historian over here.
Arakus 4 months ago
Can't dispute it either, huh?
Yolabar 4 months ago
1 Kings 17:17-22 your soul is you.
Tajora 4 months ago
Uppity, indignant, entitled, holier-than-thou, vulgar, nasty, chimp.
Bagul 4 months ago
I imagine your dancing is something like this? ??
Brarn 4 months ago
When we hit that harmony just right, it's glorious!
Yokora 3 months ago
And the bigotry that goes with it.
Mikakazahn 3 months ago
Interesting one from South Carolina:
Dogor 3 months ago
Must be related to Rump.
Zulkigor 3 months ago
It?s not competent professionals that are usually the problem.
Nazil 3 months ago
Xmax59...... How was that exactly?

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