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190 05:1910 months ago

I was worried that you might be afraid to post on here anymore. Kayla, go back and look at what Ghehenna told you, I believe he or she was speaking from their heart.

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Kazratilar 9 months ago
Incels are huge fans of Peterson.
Kezilkree 9 months ago
Firefighters protecting your home from burning down is socialism.
Gogore 9 months ago
Woh massive edit much?
Tygojas 9 months ago
If you are interested.
Goltijind 9 months ago
Is there anything I wrote that's incorrect?
Dot 8 months ago
That is a HELL YEAH meme!!????
Tojabar 8 months ago
I sure no one is surprised your wife
Arabei 8 months ago
That horrible liberal agenda of teaching kids to read!
Ketilar 8 months ago
Not bad at all.
Samujin 7 months ago
What is "it" and where did it come from?
Fauhn 7 months ago
God is Spirit or Mind.
Shaktikinos 7 months ago
You should really formulate an argument before joining in
Yozshutaur 7 months ago
What does Trump have to do with this?
Samulkree 7 months ago
without looking......yes, I can name all of them
Malajar 6 months ago
Thank you special. I come ride you too yes?
Mikakasa 6 months ago
Nor do they of those in the block countries.
Akirisar 6 months ago
No, it is not a complete list.
Kajikasa 6 months ago
It is .... complicated.
Kazikazahn 6 months ago
I just explained why
Zulkigis 5 months ago
That was already addressed at length here:
Mezisida 5 months ago
Oh, so that's gonna be a no?
Gardalabar 5 months ago
You mean those who believe in your garbage.
Negami 5 months ago
Which is illegal. But don't tell the libs that.
Malataxe 5 months ago
Richard Falk is a JEW for god sake
Shazil 5 months ago
We have all kinds of limitations on religious freedom.
Nalkree 5 months ago
no, it comes with a side of bacon

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