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I read the beginning. Of course the ancient testament does contain

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Gukazahn 9 months ago
My response was to Progressing Pilgrim. :)
Maurn 8 months ago
Then you're blind to conservative violence.
Menris 8 months ago
?????????? I didn't know Rita Ora had done topless
Faurg 8 months ago
From your lips to God's ear!
Dougore 8 months ago
Number 2 asked about junior high
Kajibei 8 months ago
YHWH declares it to be sin.
Moogurg 8 months ago
"politically based economic policies"
Samutaur 8 months ago
Wth?! No Emmy Rossum?!
Dat 7 months ago
Yes. Please stop projecting.
Mezidal 7 months ago
It is very bad and shameful.
Kagagal 7 months ago
Pimp daddy in da hizzie
Guk 7 months ago
They are both fighting....did you warn ray?
Micage 7 months ago
Any insight into motive...?
JoJojora 6 months ago
Lucille Ball, Grace Kelly, Dalai Lama
Doujar 6 months ago
Muslims submit their will to the One God.
Malalmaran 6 months ago
You misunderstand. I am not condoning this.
Yoshicage 6 months ago
"It's not about whether you or I believe that".
Akizilkree 6 months ago
How about pacman? A blast form the past.
Maubar 6 months ago
100 up votes for you sir!
Yozshull 5 months ago
Actually my name is just Antonia :)
Moogusida 5 months ago
I'm sorry, but that is a really self-destructive attitude.
Ninos 5 months ago
You have a blessed day.

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