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21 08:4510 months ago

Because in quantum level, conscious observation indeed influence matter! Are you familiar with physics concepts and experiments known as "Double-slit experiment" and "particle-wave dichotomy"?

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Mejar 10 months ago
I suppose that's fair enough :)
Julrajas 10 months ago
Who was attacked? The moderator is a leftist.
Vikazahn 10 months ago
Scientific evidence. Not second hand hearsay .
Fenrikasa 9 months ago
That's the scariest thing of them all
Kalar 9 months ago
Impeach? Trump would still be president morons
Mishakar 9 months ago
You got it right!
Shaktikora 9 months ago
Boondock Saints and No Country for Old Men ??????
Mezikasa 9 months ago
Are you silly? ??????

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