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278 21:457 months ago

What's he wishing for a grid collapse and an end to the political system?

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Fautaxe 6 months ago
I doubt you are wealthy. Why?
Gardak 6 months ago
Yup. Yup an yup.??
Kazim 6 months ago
We could try. ??
Meztigami 5 months ago
You collected your insurance papers?
Nisho 5 months ago
Good work Mr. President.
Kilmaran 5 months ago
Well her first mistake was to be a "woman"
Tojajar 5 months ago
Play on the console to get better.
Nahn 5 months ago
Cap's shift never ends.
Gozshura 5 months ago
I am interested in speaking with seekers.
Faet 5 months ago
She also verbally attacks cops.
Mazubar 4 months ago
Ha! Good one but wrong.
Nibar 4 months ago
Haven't read and proud of it?
Kajigrel 4 months ago
Sure, if that's what you call it these days.
Mikazragore 3 months ago
i think you are joking.thanks
Magis 3 months ago
That's the definition of a boycott.
Samuzuru 3 months ago
Trump knows what he did. That's why he's sweating.
Dujas 3 months ago
Heavy equipment gymastics... awesome
Yozil 2 months ago
Which makes it idiotic to take as an axiom.
Maugal 2 months ago
Odd dodge but okay.
Kazrasar 2 months ago
I swear I wont!
Masar 2 months ago
Question: where do those tariff payments actually go?
Gaktilar 2 months ago
Why? It never happened.
Voodoozragore 1 month ago
You are a ruthless animal.

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