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An adult ages, an adult can get sick and die. An adult does not necessarily mean the person is grown, can still be foolish, as the only thing that has grown is the mortal body. An Adult is not equivalent to wisdom, or understanding. Therefore an adult is speaking to the terrestrial body, not the Spirit Being. A Transfigured Man is perfect, cannot age, get sick or die. A Transfigured man is wise, has the fullness of the knowledge of the truth, and has gained his access into heaven. A transfigured Man as the Celestial body, the image of the Son of GOD, Adam (H.E).

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Grozahn 9 months ago
I've been bumping Masego- Navajo
Tobei 9 months ago
Diapering babies isn?t useful?
Mezira 8 months ago
Oh for the love -
Meztigore 8 months ago
Men writing every word from God.
Domi 8 months ago
Look. I can believe and still
Zulkiramar 8 months ago
Ah, I must grab some.
Arabei 8 months ago
So why have they done a 180?
Vudobei 8 months ago
Ii don't believe he is God. So I'm excluded.
Mezijinn 8 months ago
The hand is quicker than the eye!
Arashizuru 7 months ago
ain't THAT the truth :-/
Faekus 7 months ago
I only know what I hear about Canada?s healthcare.
Voodoorg 7 months ago
He has two well-adjusted sons. That's my point.
Dogis 7 months ago
There were so many good ones !
Vuzshura 7 months ago
He is the one I am cheating with!!
Malakasa 7 months ago
I've experienced this to be true in my life.
Arashigul 7 months ago
Your own admission works for me.
Goltimuro 6 months ago
I'm not for trump just against you
Arashimuro 6 months ago
Here's a post that might interest you:
Mikabar 6 months ago
A whole four Catholics!
Mulrajas 6 months ago
Awww we need more people like you in NYC!!
Meztigore 5 months ago
What else is a deity gonna do for entertainment?
Malagal 5 months ago
Write it. Don't be shy.
Gasho 5 months ago
Yes, the TDS is strong in that one.
Goltigrel 5 months ago
How do I know how committed you are?
Nikogore 5 months ago
The natural evolution of a socialist city enclave.
Marr 5 months ago
Did you have fun?
Gardalkree 5 months ago
I know but I?m happy you took it.
Groshicage 4 months ago
You work at a clothing store ?
Gardall 4 months ago
What's that supposed to mean?

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