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212 07:4210 months ago

Take heart? What I ask is for listeners to understand. What I get I instead is confused pains in the rear trying to console me with knives.

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Daizuru 10 months ago
You are trolling. And it's pathetic.
Nikokus 10 months ago
Pumpkin?s ?? is the only one which matters????
Tojind 10 months ago
You and logic don't even have a casual acquaintance.
Ninos 10 months ago
so, most women? :P
Brajora 9 months ago
Nor your own, it appears. Stay clueless and bitter.
Doujora 9 months ago
God prophesied in the OT.
Kell 9 months ago
"Democrats" like Reagan, Bush and Bush...
Kazisho 9 months ago
No idea what you are on about.
Mezilkree 9 months ago
You are 100% correct.
Vudozragore 8 months ago
Oh! Thank you :)
Kagal 8 months ago
-"You never take confession. Why?"
Mazukazahn 8 months ago
Ain?t doing no dare
Daitilar 8 months ago
That would be the responsible thing to do, yep.
Maunris 8 months ago
Why should I prove that?
Banris 8 months ago
Somehow in our chats that came through. I
Akitilar 7 months ago
Indeed...made the one beer last the whole show tho..
Kagazuru 7 months ago
Not a single link to credible news source.
Yozshuzilkree 7 months ago
Cite one source, please.
Zulkikasa 7 months ago
None of that was violated
Malatilar 7 months ago
This is call Old Testament Prophecy! Isn't it Beautiful?

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