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427 05:268 months ago

Evidence you say? Mueller has none. The cult of cry baby losers has none.

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Tukinos 7 months ago
"But wait... there's more!" :)
Voodooramar 7 months ago
I could give a rat's behind what you
Dushicage 7 months ago
Billy has me blocked because I made him cry.
Taugore 7 months ago
Is that what I think it is?
Kizilkree 7 months ago
Hmm did someone say something.
Gardakora 6 months ago
You get a grip.
Nikobei 6 months ago
Your testimony is full of snark.
Tejind 6 months ago
For the record, you have advanced no good arguments.
Tozilkree 6 months ago
She looks like Hillary on election night.
Netilar 5 months ago
Any of the violence before the flood.
Dilabar 5 months ago
Acts 1:15-26 (RSV), excerpted ?>
Dogami 5 months ago
Ahhhhh got it! it! lol
Nigore 5 months ago
Forgive me for not reading your propaganda BS.
Goshura 4 months ago
Married for 30+ years with six children...
Zulkikus 4 months ago
oh, and btw apparently Mr Brown was black.
Gardam 4 months ago
Check out Song of Songs lol
Mezihn 4 months ago
Seriously you don't have home owners insurance?
Malakora 4 months ago
Do you dye ur hair all by yourself?
Ferr 4 months ago
Keep your trolling up and find out.
Samurn 3 months ago
Similar in many ways
Meztishakar 3 months ago
Timmy is off his meds again
Shakakasa 3 months ago
Turn the other cheek.
Grojinn 3 months ago
Another emboldened racist. I wonder why? (Yes, rhetorical.)
Felkree 3 months ago
Not in the definition of atheist though, right?
Gardakus 3 months ago
No i am not.
Mura 3 months ago
He loves the taste

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