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142 22:0610 months ago

Correct. We do not utter God's name. That's why we use words like "Hashem", "Adoshem", "hamakom or makom", "hakadosh baruch hu", "sh'chinah", "el elyon", "harachaman", "melech", and many, many others.

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Gazshura 10 months ago
God didn't create it, but isn't the Holy Ghost.God?
Mazugul 10 months ago
Look out... he's full of keyboard courage!
Samudal 9 months ago
If you were, you wouldn't have called Muslims barbarians.
Mauhn 9 months ago
Your answer is a brilliant one
Namuro 9 months ago
"How did he betray us"
Araktilar 9 months ago
I don't believe your inquiry is genuine.
Zuluzilkree 9 months ago
I don't have negative opinions of atheists in general.
Dir 9 months ago
Thanks guys, my laugh for the day.
Tuhn 9 months ago
Ok, then you actually believe that NATURE made man?
Bashakar 8 months ago
Are you upset with me?
Taugar 8 months ago
Thanks so much Loki!
Gujar 8 months ago
Wow! definitely not ikea.
Shakus 8 months ago
You keep replying, so you care.
Tajin 8 months ago
Getting strattled by your friend was the shit
Tojabei 8 months ago
Ummmmm...I'm not even sure about that....
Vudosida 7 months ago
Since you are too lazy to read the link.
Akicage 7 months ago
How an Outsider President Killed a Party
Gat 7 months ago
Look out... he's full of keyboard courage!
Malagis 7 months ago
Censorship is the suppression of
Tukree 7 months ago
He acts exactly like an FBI prosecutor.
Basho 6 months ago
Murders have been committed by men.
Mujin 6 months ago
That is actually the anti-theist position.
Kimi 6 months ago
If they're going to ban kooky conspiracy theory stuff,
Mukora 6 months ago
Are we on the same page here?
Moogujinn 6 months ago
Three people, hundreds of years, they somehow worked together?
Dushicage 5 months ago
Trump is a swamp puppet.
Meztisho 5 months ago
No big. I disagree with you a lot.
Vudozilkree 5 months ago
Don't look at it.
Kagaran 5 months ago
Depraved is another great word to describe them.
Kajijind 5 months ago
those two articles I cited.

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