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477 07:0110 months ago

So you enjoy conversation with this arrogant brilliant woman, is that why you invite me to engage in further dialog with you in other ops? While you may find my mind fascinating, you would still only using me to satisfy your intrigue or lust.

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Dikinos 10 months ago
Haha FUNNY. I had all my belongings!
Gardalkis 10 months ago
That's interesting, but we're
Daigami 10 months ago
He's the least embarrassing so far.
Tara 10 months ago
When Jesus returns the church will be His bride.
Fenos 9 months ago
And where did the gametes come from?
Araramar 9 months ago
I was just threatening to ..:) LOL!!!
Sharr 9 months ago
Another religious drone spouting crackpot theology as fact.
Dilabar 9 months ago
I can agree with that.
Basida 9 months ago
You are a fool.
Jurg 9 months ago
"Sex has nothing to do with being qualified, imo."
Mikree 8 months ago
Then u succeeded ??????
Daikus 8 months ago
Yes. We die of natural causes. No sh-
Akitaxe 8 months ago
Thanks for the OP

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