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You are trying to conflate two different programs. One is a refugee program and the other is our immigration system. They operate under different rules and laws. From what I read he is talking about our immigration system, not our refugee or asylum programs. So, your doctor who lost everything would first apply for permission to immigrate here at which point they are expected to be able to support themselves. I know when my parents immigrated here they were required to have a job waiting, have insurance, have a place to stay, and a sponsor before they were legally allowed to enter.

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Mazukree 9 months ago
Haha the better question, who doesn't?
Tagore 9 months ago
Someone gets better and they thank God.
Digar 9 months ago
Welcome to have your feelings and POV.
Kazranos 9 months ago
So give an example.
Samugul 8 months ago
Bombshell LOL Woodward is brain damaged.
Fejas 8 months ago
"Women's Studies" Translation: Man Hate 101.
Gardahn 8 months ago
A mod took care of the trolling there.
Samutaxe 8 months ago
They want Armageddon. The end!
Kikazahn 8 months ago
Well you aren't worst at everything Man Lol
Nazragore 7 months ago
The facts disagree with you
Muramar 7 months ago
How silly are grown up adults?

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