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I did. To god any and every minor thing is a crime worthy of buring forever

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Taucage 9 months ago
Maybe they used this mohel -
Shajinn 9 months ago
1. Argumentum ad ignorantiam.
Taukree 8 months ago
through the same stories
Gokinos 8 months ago
I Think its going out easy without any problem.
Dokree 8 months ago
Exactly, that's what I thought.
Zololl 8 months ago
It is quite true.
Zolojar 8 months ago
They recently opened in nyc 2 years ago
Fenrim 8 months ago
"could push oil prices to $90/barrel by year's end"
Zulujind 8 months ago
From the giant spider or from her?
Tojagul 8 months ago
Who is on first
Arashikazahn 7 months ago
There wouldn't be a challenge.
Mazilkree 7 months ago
Bye, no hard feelings :)!
Shakami 7 months ago
Yours does. Pot, kettle, black.
Jushura 7 months ago
This is an example of good conversation.
Meztitaur 7 months ago
Because it?s two main islands?
Vull 6 months ago
Knowing what words mean.
Voodoogal 6 months ago
My wife always says I am on cloud 9
Vitaur 6 months ago
What is this nut doing now?

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