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and yet you're still miserable. it doesn't appear to be working out for you.

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Grogrel 8 months ago
The DaVinci Code is a historical piece
Kajirisar 8 months ago
I miss PHXR8R... such a cool guy ??????
Yozshujora 8 months ago
Seems to be the consensus.
Vudotaxe 8 months ago
That's two of us.
Tuzilkree 8 months ago
Debunked what? Point it out. TEs are species specific.fact
Meztibei 7 months ago
i dont click links. Can you summarize?
Zulkigal 7 months ago
I'll remember that on your birthday!
Shaktijas 7 months ago
No. The name is irrelevant.
Shazuru 7 months ago
Who knows. The important issue is who won?
Tujas 7 months ago
So till that no usages of net n ol'?????
Nagar 7 months ago
Is he house broken? lol
Vushicage 6 months ago
Me neither, I'm just talking to people
Vunris 6 months ago
Thanks, man. and cool thread too
Malataur 6 months ago
Roseeee... further down? ????
Vijind 5 months ago
Apparently, you make snap judgments, all the time.
Jusida 5 months ago
Does this count as Godwin?s law by implication?
Maurisar 5 months ago
"I know my rights"-Kaepernick
JoJojora 5 months ago
I prefer to call it a lack of self-pride.
Vura 5 months ago
This should be brought to the forefront asap.
Dolmaran 4 months ago
That might make me sleepy! LOLOL!!!!
Fesho 4 months ago
do you write--- that was good.
Faebei 4 months ago
World War One had the trenches.
Kajizshura 4 months ago
Ignorance, stupidity, gullibility, dishonesty and mendacity deserve no respect.
Tesida 4 months ago
Yes, reality is a life sentence for me.
Kagam 3 months ago
Mr, pronounced as Mer.

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