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How many shots do you need to kill a person?

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Dushura 6 months ago
Would you believe most people think so?
Mazurn 5 months ago
Anyone notice her initials are DDT?
Grokus 5 months ago
Your contribution is, as usual, impressing.
Kamuro 5 months ago
Ok then am useless??????
Tutaxe 5 months ago
I like women that have a vagina.
Faugar 5 months ago
We don't have shadow banning on this channel.
Douk 5 months ago
"Why isn't Mexico paying?"
Mazuk 4 months ago
....if it's a real marriage. Ah, yes.
Vujind 4 months ago
Indeed.....and they shouldn't be allowed to keep pets.
Mikajora 4 months ago
People are always crazier
Fenrill 4 months ago
or defending the Bible's condoning of slavery
Kazrat 3 months ago
4 words about the EU...
Shalabar 3 months ago
Thanks! Meant every word ??
Mikagar 3 months ago
Already asked. Already explained.
Gulkis 3 months ago
What did I say?
Mauk 3 months ago
Correlation is not causation or direct influence.
Zologul 3 months ago
Skaal! I like wine better, anyway.
Kajile 2 months ago
Must be a late one :P
Akinojinn 2 months ago
And I thought pride was a deadly sin...
Golkis 2 months ago
To the Honorable Representative Maxine Waters,
Gardarr 2 months ago
Oh no? Did you ask them out often?
Faulkree 2 months ago
Of illnesses. Not of causes.
Kazilabar 2 months ago
I guess my flagger didn?t fine me here.
Maujinn 1 month ago
I voluntarily stepped down and gave the position to
Zolozragore 1 month ago
Right on bro ????????????
Malajar 1 month ago
ok. Can the users influence the decisions, Kimariesings?
Grom 1 month ago
Copyrighted for you. It's all yours.
Kigagrel 4 weeks ago
We love youuu PHX!!

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