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That is what I thought. You have not heard it yourself, so you hide your perceived failure behind words from the bible.

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Voodoonos 10 months ago
Could, but don't see a need to.
Dijas 9 months ago
Are you still on my lawn?
Zululrajas 9 months ago
Washington State Office of Public Defense.
Dat 9 months ago
I've been a mod for a long time.
Mazull 9 months ago
Your name is racist
Vojin 9 months ago
Alright ttyl Celt- have a good night ??
Kazijar 9 months ago
Why not? Life is sacred. Even human life. lol.
Sagar 9 months ago
That?s how you dance.
Virr 8 months ago
God complex. That is the why.
Gotaur 8 months ago
No, there were 1153.
Zulkigore 8 months ago
You sound just like a loser you are.
Domuro 8 months ago
Try and conceal your caring better.
Nezahn 8 months ago
Understood. Something to wonder about.
Kajikus 7 months ago
God knows the history of all.
JoJojas 7 months ago
People are indoctrinated into this belief
Nak 7 months ago
I'm finding some nice creepy pics.
Moramar 7 months ago
He doesn?t like our new friend Melvin.
Daktilar 7 months ago
Actually, I just cited a scripture
Shaktikree 7 months ago
Owners of Pet Rocks have very Stable personalities.
Daizshura 6 months ago
Beauty is truth, truth beauty,?that is all
Malara 6 months ago
Like when Benedict Cumberbatch was playing Kahn?
Mazudal 6 months ago
How is the reporting not accurate?
Kazrakinos 6 months ago
You could hear the hurt in her voice
Mik 6 months ago
Why again were they/he banned from any of them?
Faubar 6 months ago
State-dictated indoctrination? What do you mean?
Voodooktilar 6 months ago
Toddlers do NOT need to be saved, just protected.
Faukree 5 months ago
Maggot Americans that voted for An As-hole!
Nagore 5 months ago
Anyone out there ? ? ?
Kiganris 5 months ago
Get a phuuuking job, lowlife scum
Dirisar 5 months ago
Lol okay. Carry on.

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