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Priviet. Hanging onto Unforgiveness and trying to fix the world is a heavy burden.

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Samunos 9 months ago
What connects to you? Money? Women? Whiskey?
Votilar 8 months ago
Don't you have Mosque to attend?
Yot 8 months ago
She is wearing shorts????
Zulmaran 8 months ago
1. You brought up the kkk, not me.
Taubei 8 months ago
Aaahaaa! Let me put it to you like this:
Mulkis 8 months ago
I thought it was the King Cobra version.
Miramar 8 months ago
Then you are dismissed.
Kazisida 7 months ago
Haha, now that is something we can agree on.
Zolokinos 7 months ago
Good thing God has nothing to do with that.
Shaktirr 7 months ago
I know. It's been torture for me.
Nasho 7 months ago
Yeah this is sleepy
Mikanris 7 months ago
Sure, sure. Keep the delusion alive.
Kat 7 months ago
The Mongol hordes, who are they?
Tar 7 months ago
Modularity doesn't need a design.
Kazragul 6 months ago
Here's a short list...I discovered over 100 contradictions.
Bragal 6 months ago
Ignorance and stupidity is abundant.
Meztirg 6 months ago
there is. You seem to have missed it.
Gardakus 6 months ago
Will my good looks work? ??
Zulkimuro 6 months ago
Mom and dad said that to you?
Tashura 6 months ago
Or just do a search using its actual name.
Yozshutaur 5 months ago
Get him out of my time-space continuum!
Yorn 5 months ago
did you issue out an invite??
Kara 5 months ago
Good luck Trump staffers... finding your next job. Lol
Mazuramar 5 months ago
Internet here is sooo slow more pics to follow
Tojas 4 months ago
I don't upvote myself either, except on this thread.

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