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It is found at at the same rates as humanity and bisexuality is super common, not rare at all. See Bonobo's Homosexuality can not be changed of fixed for those people it is normal. It is not a mental illness

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Brarg 9 months ago
hahahaha thank you! but all of you nice persons
Fenririsar 9 months ago
The Bully is Christianity.
Meztilrajas 8 months ago
Oh! Thank you :)
Digrel 8 months ago
According to the OP, you don't exist.
Kiktilar 8 months ago
That actually sounds nice ??????
Migis 8 months ago
Your claim, your burden of proof...
Vukazahn 8 months ago
A workman is worthy of his hire.
Zulugul 8 months ago
There is nothing rational about Hitlers theories.
Zolorr 8 months ago
NATO. Canada, Germany, England, the EU.
Kam 7 months ago
Still waiting for Jones to do a Mr Creosote.
Kajigal 7 months ago
Ok. I understand your problem.
Kajibar 7 months ago
LOLOL!!!! Hope you didn't ruin your keyboard...
JoJokora 6 months ago
OK, lets hear it - what did he saw?
Jujas 6 months ago
Do good people seek power?
Mezill 6 months ago
That's clear then. Thanks.
Douzilkree 6 months ago
You . . . hear voices?
Mall 6 months ago
That?s rare in NYC Ditto but I?ll try!!
Mazilkree 5 months ago
goodness, i hope that is someone i know! hahaha
Kejas 5 months ago
What is the defination of a sacred book?
Dizshura 5 months ago
I cant even read that.
Shakagore 5 months ago
I've heard people say that.
Tygotilar 5 months ago
They ain't liberals, mate.
Batilar 4 months ago
Romans 1 covers this quite succinctly.

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