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818 17:5111 months ago

Also I want to know where?s that troll I blocked some months ago? I miss him. I want to fight again.??

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Gogrel 11 months ago
Right on bro ????????????
Kaganos 11 months ago
The whims of Cthulu?
JoJosar 11 months ago
Dude! You are like really old!
Faugore 10 months ago
Perfect lol cheers ??????
Dobar 10 months ago
It's worth the watch, like I said interesting twist.
Fenrigor 10 months ago
So you can?t articulate what you accused. Perfect
Felabar 10 months ago
Thanks, but I am addicted to the paycheck. ;-)
Dashakar 9 months ago
That's good, I'm glad she's ok
Mebar 9 months ago
Wrong. Plain and simple.
Tojatilar 9 months ago
Jake c'mon show some respect or leave. thank you.
Vosho 9 months ago
does it have a soul at that point?
Kigalkree 8 months ago
Doesn't Whales and Dolphins need air to breath?
Taugar 8 months ago
Hey, get off my lawn! lol
Ducage 8 months ago
Are you sure about whether you experience consciousness?
Mit 8 months ago
That is a LOT of bacon.
Voodoomi 7 months ago
Darn... I little biting is fun sometimes.
Vilar 7 months ago
My list of drugs

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