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I've never seen an atheist complain about persecution for someone criticizing their arguments or beliefs.

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Bramuro 8 months ago
Nope, but they "can't find a motive"?
Zologore 8 months ago
I would say both
Aranos 8 months ago
Ha . no . now I know Korean :)
Vujin 7 months ago
Jesus loved the sinner, but not his sin????
Mabar 7 months ago
Tormenting old folks is good, clean fun?
Kigajin 7 months ago
Your way sure didn't work,.did it?
Mooguzshura 7 months ago
The first thing is:
JoJotilar 7 months ago
Another one of my favorites
Kagasida 7 months ago
that was you making all that ruckus!
Juzuru 6 months ago
This reminded me of something.
Gardar 6 months ago
Discussion on Calling all Christians 11 comments
Nebei 6 months ago
as I said yesterday,
Dishura 6 months ago
The letters are not the word of Christ.
Yozshugami 6 months ago
Which solidifies gods rep as a dick.
Samura 6 months ago
I hope they keep putting them down.
Kajimi 6 months ago
You seem to be beating a dead Scotsman.
Yoktilar 5 months ago
hate and intolerance is taught
Doulmaran 5 months ago
Koran is the only book filled by
Brazragore 5 months ago
I'd rather vote for Ninkasi.
Vuzil 5 months ago
It isn't. Get a grip.
Kazrazuru 5 months ago
Oh, you should meet some new people, then.
Meztile 5 months ago
Especially Tiffany. Poor Tiffany

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