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Whats black got to do with it? When your hot your hot.

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Malakasa 10 months ago
I never marked it, I only sliced it.
Meztizragore 10 months ago
What are some "holy traditions?"
Takora 10 months ago
ok I will imagine ..
Vuhn 9 months ago
Republicans are a joke.
Netaxe 9 months ago
Studies have shown this to be incorrect.
Tugrel 9 months ago
He flat-lined a long time ago.
Migami 8 months ago
The theist is delusional so insane.
Samuzilkree 8 months ago
I would say moderately rather than vastly.
Kazizshura 8 months ago
thanks for asking. I just finished this yesterday
Kagagami 8 months ago
Since you are too lazy to read the link.
Kajilmaran 8 months ago
It IS all about control.
Taktilar 8 months ago
Well, I have to reject that position.
Nalabar 8 months ago
She?s been know to pop a few things.
Faebar 7 months ago
Ummm, yeah they are.
Matilar 7 months ago
Did you watch my vid?
Kagagor 7 months ago
I think the .drat have a meeting.more later.
Nishicage 7 months ago
God is very angry with you
Megar 7 months ago
How is is "disrespecting the flag?"
Kagaran 7 months ago
You met her personally?
Zunris 6 months ago
Christians are afraid of non Christians
Zutaur 6 months ago
Wait upon the Lord, faith, you know. Otherwise what?
Samujinn 6 months ago
No way! I asked first!
Grojora 6 months ago
Man created the gods................... and the apartheid israel.
Kajimuro 6 months ago
i kno right :D
Yoll 6 months ago
I see what you did there ??
Munos 6 months ago
I am known for my non-viable ideas.
Nikoktilar 6 months ago
Which means very little to kids needing homes.
Kazrazil 5 months ago
He should tweet exactly what I posted up above.

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